How to Use ChatGPT for Distributed Processing of Large Volumes of Documents ?

Last updated: Written by: Vincent Wang

Beyond One-Dimensional Interaction with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, renowned for its conversational abilities, often engages users in a one-dimensional, question-and-answer format. However, certain tasks demand a more complex, two-dimensional approach, particularly when dealing with large volumes of documents. Let's delve into how we can transcend this one-dimensional limit and explore distributed processing techniques.

The Challenge of Handling Bulk Documents

Consider a scenario where you have 100 documents, and you wish to first summarize each document individually with ChatGPT, and then ask questions based on the collective summary of all documents. Or, imagine needing to extract keywords from each of these documents and subsequently perform sentiment analysis on the aggregated keywords. Attempting to accomplish these tasks directly through ChatGPT may prove challenging due to its conversational nature and limitations in processing large datasets in a single session.

Introducing Distributed Processing with

So, how can one manage such tasks efficiently? The answer lies in leveraging a distributed approach to process large volumes of documents. Enter, a platform designed to complement ChatGPT's capabilities by enabling distributed processing.

How Enhances ChatGPT's Functionality:

  1. Batch Processing: With, you can upload multiple documents simultaneously. The platform then processes each document individually, yet in a cohesive manner.
  2. Sequential Summarization: For instance, allows ChatGPT to summarize each of the 100 documents. These summaries are then collated into a comprehensive overview.
  3. Keyword Extraction and Analysis: Similarly, extract keywords from each document using ChatGPT's analytical prowess. then aggregates these keywords, allowing for a collective sentiment analysis or further inquiries.

The Advantage of Using with ChatGPT

  • Efficiency: significantly streamlines the processing of large document batches.
  • Depth of Analysis: By breaking down the task, ChatGPT can provide more focused and detailed insights on each document.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: The collective analysis of summaries or keywords offers a broader understanding of the dataset as a whole.


While ChatGPT excels in conversational AI, combining its capabilities with's distributed processing power unlocks new potentials in handling extensive document tasks. This synergy not only makes complex tasks feasible but also enhances the depth and breadth of analysis. Explore how can elevate your experience with ChatGPT in handling large volumes of documents at


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